Monday, October 26, 2009

Zombies on the Loose

Hey fellow Zombie owners I need your help. It seems last night some teenagers pranked the Zombie Farm. Did they roll the place? Egg it? No they let loose the defected Zombies that I had yet to return to their graves.

These Zombies are more violent than your average Zombie. It seems that some people on my staff thought it would be funny to raise a few ex-convicts. In case you aren't aware: if a person was evil in life they don't change much when you raise them back up. Except they are a lot harder to get rid of.

Well now they are all on the loose, all except Zombie Joe. He was a stalker in life and now in death he has decided to stalk yours truly, the Zombie Queen. Can't get rid of the cute but irritating undead stalker. (Don't know if he's stalking me it’s because he is attracted to big women or he wants a big meal.)

So please if you see an escaped Zombie, please call ASAP!!! Do not approach them. As to the teens fate for letting them loose. Let's just say the Zombie Queen has cursed them well.
Thanks all, The Zombie Queen

To MyHubbyLeftMe4aSlut, I'm sorry but if you kill them I cannot bring them back and let you kill them again. I’m not saying it's wrong, it just I really don't have the time right now.

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