Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Need Help on The Zombie Farm

We need help!!!

Due to events of this weekend some of our staff....became Zombie snacks.

Do i feel guilty about my staff getting munched you ask.

Heck no, they received top of the line training. Besides it doesn't take a genius to know that if a Zombie is coming toward you licking their lips you need to get the hell out of their way! Push the employee next to you in their path. Duh.

Don't worry Zombie customers prices will not go up. I know you're thinking 'oh my imagine the cost of all those funerals'. No need to fear, there wasn't enough left of them for funerals. If there was it still wouldn't effect cost. If i had to bury the staff i'd just raise them back up and put there little butts back to work! I'm an egual opportunity Zombie maker!

If you are interested in a position here at the Zombie Farm please apply. It helps if you have a strong stomach (in case you witness another employee become snack food) and sinus issues (helps block out the smell of rotting flesh). But you must be able to show the Zombies compassion even when they are taking chunks out of your arm or other body part. I just can't have rude little Zombie raisers mouthing off to my Zombies! Really if you were hungry and just wanted a little nibble and someone got pissed at you for taking a little bite of them, imagine how you would feel.

If interested please reply!!!! It's so very hard trying to raise Zombies while taking care of the others. Plus having to go find victims...oops i mean food for the Zombies.

Thank You
Zombie Queen of the Zombie Farm

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