Sunday, October 18, 2009

Games Zombies Play

Welcome to the Zombie Farm, where we raise more then hell!!

Hope everyone and their Zombies are doing okay.

Today i'd like to tell you about games Zombies like to play.

My Zombie loves to play Rot Tag, it's like freeze tag but instead of standing frozen when you are tagged you rot. Hey i know it sounds crazy but you know how those Zombies are.
Zombies also love to go to graveyards and play guess my grave or bury the Zombie Queen. I'm not fond of that game but the Zombies get a kick out of it.

We here at the Zombie Farm would like to know the games you play with your Zombie. Or if you have a funny Zombie story please share it with us.

** Women: If you believe that the only good man is a dead man.
Then you're in luck!!!!!
We are having a sale on our male Zombies this month.
Order early!!! The 'large' ones go quick!!!

PS: to AhoyMatey i'm happy that dressing your Zombie as a pirate and playing 'walk my plank' makes you happy but please no more photos of it.

To Hopelessly Devoted 2 U: Congrats on your recent wedding to your Zombie. But i'm sad to say that i looked into your question: but you cannot claim death benefits on your Zombie Husband since he was dead before you married. Sorry but good try.

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