Sunday, October 11, 2009

Helpful Zombie Tips

Hello fellow Zombie owners!
Here are some tips.

1. A well fed Zombie is a happy zombie!

2. A well fed Zombie will not munch its owner.

3. If your Zombie develops bad habits: look at the example you are setting, that is probably the problem!

4. A bored Zombie will run amuck causing havoc in the neighborhood. Give your Zombie plenty of toys. Chew toys make good Zombie toys. (keep brooms out of their reach. A zombie chewed on mine and the damn thing has not flown right since)

5. If your Zombie is upset. Music helps to calm them. A little Rob Zombie is always good. Never ever, can't stress this enough, play The Monster Mash. Zombies hate it and will react violently. This tip from Bub McStub.

Just to let everyone know: We at the Zombie Farm do not raise underage Zombies. To the person who sent that request: Bad Senator! Bad! Bad!

Customers and future customers please see yesterdays blog for important Zombie info.

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