Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zombies and Haunted Houses

I feel the need to share this with my fellow Zombie owners. Maybe it will keep you from making the same mistake.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT take your Zombie to a haunted house this weekend. My Zombies begged and pleaded and I finally gave in. So here we go, I pile all of them into my blazer. That was mistake number one: several Zombies in a small enclosed area doea not exactly smell like a garden in springtime. So were waiting in line minding our own business when some smart mouth punk says to Zombie Bob, "hey are you dead or are you that ugly all the time?" Zombie Bob does not do well around people and he tends to over react. So an hour later I'm at the jail bailing out Zombie Bob. I had to pay the teenagers parents a crap load of money. It seems taking a chunk out of the arm of someones smart ass teenager tends to upset the parents.

And my Zombies never even got to go through the haunted house. I ended up renting practically every Zombie movie ever made. We had a all night Zombiethon. Which sounded like a good idea at the time but i regret it now. Now my Zombies get a kick out of going up to visitors to the farm moaning, Brains we want brains. Really not a good selling point. Walking dead jerks have cost me a crap load of money.

Now Zombie Bill wants to go trick or treating. Not happening. One he's too damn old and second he's too damn dead. (One day I will share the story of how Zombie Bill came to be).
Dayna: Sorry you lost your Zombie. Maybe i'll send you a female next time. They don't wonder off as much as the males. (They even pick up after theirselves unlike the males).

A little note to MyZombieAteMyHomework: It's never a good idea to take your Zombie to show and tell. It always ends bad. I can't even count how many best friends i lost to my first Zombie.

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