Monday, October 26, 2009

Twas the Night Before Halloween

Twas the night before Halloween & while in their grave
The zombie’s were dreaming of brains they crave
Up from the earth the zombies they dug
Up through the dirt and up past the bugs

Out of the ground the zombies poured out
They brushed off the dirt and began stumbling about
Looking for victims they began to prowl
Talking to each other with a moan or a growl

They traveled not far, just up the street
They spotted a crowd, oh good fresh meat

The crowd panicked, they started to run
Chaos ensued, Zombies had much fun
Zombies were shot and people got bit,
Once they started munching the zombies wouldn't quit

Things got bad, things got mean,
Things looked hopeless till in stepped the zombie queen
She tried to undo the damage, she did her best
She saved some people and buried the rest

The zombies she sent them back to their burial plots,
Making them lay in their graves while their flesh rots

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