Monday, October 19, 2009

Zombies and Halloween

Todays topic is Zombies and Halloween or more importantly what to do if your Zombie munches on a trick or treater.

We recommend you post a sign such as 'Beware of Zombie' or 'Kids make tasty treats, go away'. If the signs to not deter the little munckins and they make their merry little way to your door please make haste and put the Zombie away. If you fail to get the Zombie put away and he/she/it beats you to the door yell 'STOP' to the Zombie and then yell 'Run like hell' to the kiddies.

Usually it's only the slowest one that gets munched. But usually Zombies just take one bite out of kids then spit it out. For some reasons Zombies can stand the taste of young flesh. I think it's because most kids are rotten.

If parent of munched munkin gets upset please be sure to point out your 'Beware of Zombie' signs then inquire about the kids rabies shots, you don't want your Zombie catching something from the little tykes.

Now with my personal Zombie i have no worries he has been trained to behave around young ones. Actually he loves to play with the kids. BUT REMEMBER MY ZOMBIE IS NOT LIKE YOUR ZOMBIE!! I'm experienced in this Zombie stuff and know how to control mine. After all I am the expert. They don't call me Zombie Queen for nothing. Now if they called me Zombie McMeal then things would be totally different.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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