Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy on the Zombie Farm

It's been a wild night here at the Zombie Farm. Several zombies escaped from the corral. Crazy zombies running amuck causing all kinds of havoc. Why are there zombies corralled at the Zombie Farm you ask. Because those crazy customers who return their zombies because they claim, "oh we didn't know they were flesh eating zombies."

Come on people i can't stress this enough. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before making a purchase. Owning a zombie is a major commitment. If you aren't willing to 'aquire' a few victims to feed your zombie every month then don't purchase one of our zombies.

Really there is no sadder sight then seeing the hurt and rejection in a zombie's eyes when they are shipped back to us. Please remember Zombies need love too. Even the flesh eating ones! The poor zombies have to be tucked back in their dirt beds but before that they have to be killed. Yet again.

So please people Research Research Research!

Special for October: Buy one zombie raising and get a curse for free!!

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