Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zombie Outbreak in Christmas Land

This holiday season the Zombie Farm presents: ZOMBIE OUTBREAK IN CHRISTMAS LAND

It was a typical evening in the North Pole. Toys were beig made in the tiny little elf sweat shop, reindeer were learning their flight patterns and picking on the reindeer academy rejects. Mr and Mrs Claus were in their cozy little cottage looking over the naughty and nice list. Naughty list is much longer this year by the way.

Mr Claus being the beer belly guy he is (bet you thought that belly was from cookies huh?) got the craving for a little draft beer. While Mrs. Claus was in the kitchen cooking up some cookies, he headed down to The Holly Jolly Candy Cane for some beer and little elf action. Upon arrival he was attacked by his cousin the dreaded Zombie Claus and the elves that had already succumbed to the zombie virus. With Santa out of the way, Zombie Claus and the elves made their way through all of Christmas land.

Elf Ms. L Toe and her hubby had just finished up their shift in the toy factory and were dressed for bed when they were attacked. Mrs. Claus has just taken a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven. When she saw the crazy eyed elf standing in her kitchen she just assumed he was there craving some cookies so she handed one. She lost her hand and was infected.

The reindeer who were training were attacked and infected. The reindeer academy rejects escaped and now roam the wilds of the North Pole safe from the infection that is spreading over the world leaving the undead to enjoy this holiday season.


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