Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Ms. Day of the Dead, or Ms. DOD
Ms. DOD was just your average homemaker until….the zombie doll outbreak. Now she is a zombie homemaker. She’s just like your average homemaker except she only serves brains, at every meal and for snacks. Just beware she is a modern homemaker and will not wait on you hand and foot, now she may try to bite hand and foot but hey we all have our little quirks that others just don’t understand. When she’s not cleaning the crypt or disposing of bodies Ms. DOD is looking for someone to love her and give her a good home.

DOD started out as a back to basics black zombie, when she was done in her black only self, she looked at me and said, "Really? All black, nothing special?" I relied, "That's right all black but you are special."
She looked at me with her dead eyes, "I see there's a fresly dug hole in the Zombie Farm cemetery. I'm not afraid to bury the Zombie Queen or what's left of her."
I laughed, she grabbed up my scissors and started my now she has some beads in her hair and a nice Day of the Dead apron. I have a few new scars...

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