Saturday, January 8, 2011

My zombie is back and you're gonna be in touble...'s been awhile. But with the world ending in 2012 I have but the blog on the backburner.

Here on the zombie farm we have moved the whole damn farm, thank you scam lawyers and greedy banks. The biggest thanks going to the idiots behind the bank bailout. WTF were you guys thinking? You give the banks money to cover all the loans thay have for our homes. So why than would the banks care about working with people and helping them save their homes? Answer, they dont care. We were not even in foreclosure and our house was sold. But ha ha to you bank...the house has so many repairs it needs and due to a recent discovery, a black mold infestation. You can now foot the bill for all that shit!

Thankfully the zombies, stalker zombie joe and I have found a nice rental house. I am in the crypt getting ready to sew some new zombie dolls!

A few zombies are in the works for VD (valentines day)!

Pics will be posted soon!

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