Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Zombie Queen Story

I have been asked by several people how I got started making Zombie Rag Dolls...

Here it is, pay attention, there maybe a pop quiz afterwards. :)

First doll I ever made was ghostie. My son Matthew had a fear of the dark and ghost. (the ghost thing was my fault, long story there) One night he just sat screaming in bed because he was afraid a ghost was going to come get him. I had no sewing machine then but I had an idea. I cut up a white sheet, drew a ghost shape and a lot of hand sewing later GHOSTIE was born. I told Matthew Ghostie would keep the bad ghost away. He grabbed Ghostie and slept with it from then on.

Sewing machine was bought months later. Curtains and pillows were made. Summer arrived and I begin to work on Halloween costumes.

Matthew passed away that August due to a heart condition. He was 8 years old. My heart was broken, my family was broken.

Rachel, my daughter who was 12 at the time. Asked me to make her and her friends dolls based on Sally from 'Nightmare Before Christmas' (my favorite movie of all time). I drew the pattern out and several dolls and happy girls later I was done with dolls forever.

After some family drama, rumors of witchcraft and voodoo (long funny story) I was sitting at home having a sobbing fit because I was missing my Mattman so much. I spotted Rachel's doll, my mind begin to race. Thoughts invaded my mind, a plan was forming, that ominous da da da da music begin playing. (where the hell did it come from?) I stood up and declared..."Eureka! I am the Zombie Queen and I will raise an army of Zombie dolls and take over the world!"

I began the journey of becoming the Zombie Queen. Many patterns were drawn and tried. Each one getting closer and closer to what I saw in my mind. I noticed when i spent time creating zombies for other people my heart was not so heavy. Yes I miss Matthew, more and more everyday. But the Zombie dolls were helping me keep what little was left of my mind.

So now the Zombie outbreak continues...

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